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The Office Collab Author List

2011-03-30 04:57:24 by TheThirdSix

The thread can be found here.

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Full up!

The Office Collab Author List

Collab ideas...

2011-03-27 21:35:39 by TheThirdSix

I'm wanting to start a new collab and I am trying to cook up some ideas. I'm kicking around the thought of a music video, but it's hard to make a good pick when it comes to music video collabs. People are very picky about music.

I had an idea for a Dragonball Z collab, but I'm not sure if that's too geeky. I'm not sure what could be done with that, whether it'd be a comedy or whatever.

Maybe I could start a collab based on stoner comics, but animated, and you'd have to do your own story. Should it be restricted to "you can only animate a stoner story that has actually happened to you" or "you can just make one up"?

What about a collab about The Office (US)? It could be funny, only using actual clips from the show. I'm imagining getting a lot of "US Office sucks; UK Office rules!" and a lot of negativity through that.

Those are just some ideas. Comment with more, if you have them!